100% cashmere.

The finest cashmere fashion.

Guaranteed “100% cashmere” – this quality feature can be found on the sweaters, scarves and hoods here in the online shop of Cashmere To Love. With good reason, because pure cashmere is one of the finest wool materials used to make exclusive clothing. Kashmir is characterized by a particularly fine grip, softness, comfort and elegance. The low weight combined with maximum comfort and warmth make cashmere one of the best “raw materials” in upscale women’s fashion.

Exclusive cashmere comes from Nepal. Because Nepalese cashmere is one of the most exclusive types of wool that can be processed into the finest cashmere fashion. In order to ensure this high quality in the long term, the cashmere expert behind “Cashmere To Love” maintains personal contacts with the producers and importers of this exclusive fashion raw material. This gives you the security of ordering, buying, and wearing the best sweaters, scarves, stoles and hoods online – with style.

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