Cashmere To Love.

Passionate cashmere fashion.

For us, cashmere is not just a product – cashmere is an attitude to life. Because real cashmere is one of the finest natural products that can be processed into truly exclusive fashion, especially women’s fashion. The cashmere wool is particularly light, soft and comfortable. Anyone who has ever worn a real cashmere sweater, cashmere scarf or a cashmere stole will know exactly why we refer to this essential quality feature.

The love of exclusive cashmere is quite personally colored 😉 I came across this special wool fabric through a friend in Monaco – and when I first touched this pleasant, soft and sooooo easy-to-wear textile, I knew: I have to share this experience with all other sophisticated, style-conscious women. That’s why I opened this online shop. Because here you will find selected pieces that meet the highest quality standards. The cashmere offered here is proven to come from Nepal, the cashmere silk is made in Italy. In other words: in this shop I offer exactly the quality that I personally value!


Abir T.

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