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Kashmir from Nepal and Kashmir silk from Italy.

Cashmere is one of the most exclusive and exquisite textile fabrics in the world – hardly to be surpassed in terms of design versatility and suppleness. Cashmere is a natural fiber that has a particularly soft, supple and heat-regulating effect. To this day, Cashmere is considered the wool that conveys elegance and class.

Cashmere can be processed with other natural fibers. The best example of this are the Cashmere To Love Silk Pashminas, which you can find and buy here in the online shop. They are made in Italy from a balanced blend of 70% pure cashmere and 30% pure silk. The result is a product with a unique feel, the highest quality and extremely long durability. Here in the online shop you will find a selection of 11 different timeless colors that can be optimally combined with other pieces of your wardrobe to create aesthetic outfits.

The same goes for Cashmere To Love’s twill silk foulards. In Italy they are made from 100% twill silk into the finest foulard – an incredibly light and elegant fabric. The foulards impress with their fashionable designs with elaborate details that give your outfit special accents. There are almost no limits to what you can wear, because the twill silk foulards make a good figure, both wrapped around your neck, braided in your hair, tied as a bracelet around your wrist or used as a belt.

Here in the Cashmere To Love online shop you will find the most beautiful women’s fashion made from pure cashmere, from smooth cashmere silk – in the form of cashmere sweaters, cashmere pashminas, cashmere scarves and cashmere stoles from Nepal and Italy.

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